Historical Postcards of Donaldsonville
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The Ascension Parish Courthouse was built in
1888 after a fire destoyed the newly completed
courthouse in 1887. James Freret, famed New
Orleans Architect designed the building. This is
the sixth courthouse built in this general area
since the founding of Donaldsonville in 1806.
Construction on the Ascension of our Lord Catholic Church had been slow for want of and
waiting on imported materials and for lack of  funds. Construction was halted 8 years after it
had begun. The Church was completed  April 14, 1896 and officially dedicated in 1900.
Photo circa 1915
The South Louisiana State Fair was held in Donaldsonville from 1913 - 1964. During it’s heyday, the fair drew as
many as one hundred thousand people over the course of a weekend to Donaldsonville.
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