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The City of Donaldsonville is a jewel in the crown of Louisiana History. From the original
Native American Indians, the arrival of the French, English, German, Spanish, Jewish, Italians
and Irish settlers, to the Sugar Cane Plantations and the African slaves, Donaldsonville has
seen it all. The city has played host to pirates, Rebel forces, Fort Butler, Union troops, oyster
boats, the Louisiana State Capital, a major civil war bombardment, the first black mayor in
America and scores of stories and characters that we call family. Here is a peek into the life of
an immigrant settlement as told by 32 residents from their own experiences and from
thestories handed down to them.
As they say,“Only in Donaldsonville!”

Directed and Edited by Will LeBlanc for CASABLANCA Productions   
www.dville.org  Running time:  90 minutes

DVD of D'ville, A City of Immigrants
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