Number 10:
I didn’t know that Free could be so expensive!
Make sure that the person leading the non professionals has real experience. Nothing will sink your ship faster than an inexperienced            
Captain. You don’t want the guy who does this as a hobby to learn on your event.                                                                                                      

Number 9
We will invite the media and get lots of free publicity.
Great idea, but it doesn’t always work. The media, especially TV, have a very fluid schedule. A breaking story can ruin the best laid plans.     

Number 8
Let’s put on a fashion show. How hard could that be?
Here is a laundry list of what is needed for a fashion show: Models, Clothes, Dressers, Hair and Make up, Show Director, Show Designer,   
Lighting, Sound System, Music Selection, Runway construction, Rehearsal, etc…                                                                                                    

Number 7
I am pretty sure that I can get Brad Pitt to make an appearance.
Be careful of the guy who claims to have contacts with celebrities. Has he had success in booking celebs in the past? If not, your event         
could become an unexpected disaster.                                                                                                                                                                            

Number 6
Too much is not enough.
It is very easy to get over excited about your event and want to include every trick you have ever seen at every event. If it doesn’t reflect the    
message you want to convey, save it. You can always use those creative ideas when you plan the next event.                                                     

Number 5
Do we really need the ZZ Top touring package for one microphone and a podium?
People have really rented ZZ Tops touring PA and lighting for their event! Now if that is the effect you want, than by all means, bring it on.      
However, it’s generally a huge waste of money to arrange for that level of production equipment—even for a large event.                                  

Number 4
Whose  idea was it to hire the Elvis impersonator?
You want to avoid booking a hard rock band for your Chamber of Commerce awards banquet. Use a reputable booking agency. They have
an interest in matching the right entertainment with the right event.                                                                                                                               
Number 3
I know a guy at our church who can do the video!  
No video is better than a bad video. If you are going to do a video for your event, have something to say. Nothing turns off the donations         
faster than a BORING video that doesn’t engage the crowd. When asked about the importance of a video at a fund raising event, socialite    
and philanthropist Becca Cason Thrash said, "People support people. Even if someone goes to an event with no knowledge of   the              
organization or cause, a good video converts passive participants into advocates. That is the strength of Will LeBlanc's videos.                      
In 7 to 9 minutes he creatively tells you the story of the organization and makes you care enough to want to help."                                               
Shelby Hodge, columnist for the Houston Chronicle, said “I go to three or four events a week and have seen hundreds of tribute videos,         
but I have never seen one get a standing ovation like The Boys and Girls Harbor video did. Will did a great job.”                                                 

Number 2
The hotel AV company is not your friend.
In the 30 years that I have been doing special events, I have only met two people who work at a hotel who have a clue as to what is going on.
I have encountered everything from being promised equipment that didn’t exist and being charged for it, to having “technicians” who didn’t    
know how to plug in a microphone. Once, I had to wait for a hotel AV “projectionist,” at $750/day, to finish setting up tables and chairs in the
next ball room. If all you need is a flip chart or a small projector on an A/V cart for your PowerPoint show, you can probably get away with the
hotel AV guy. Audio visual companies that work out of hotels pay the hotel 40% of their sales. They have to charge more than independent   
production companies just to make the same amount of money. What’s more, the technician that you are paying $75 per hour for is usually   
a new employee with very limited experience and only worth $10 - $15 per hour to the AV company.                                                                     

Number 1
Your secretary can’t do it in her spare time.
Doesn’t your secretary really have enough to do? You wouldn’t ask a doctor for financial advice, or confide in the Home Depot guy about      
your love life, would you? There is a reason why professional event planners exist. They can navigate the murky waters of dealing with all of  
the vendors necessary to have a flawless show. Not all disciplines play well together. The decorators don’t always know what the staging      
and lighting crew is doing and may set up decorations in the middle of where the stage is going. Plus, you don’t want the check-in to be so   
slow that the guests are in a bad mood before they even walk in the door. You must also consider parking, signage, the silent auction,           
accommodations for VIP’s, and much more. It requires a lot of experience with all of the behind-the-scenes work to make an event flow        
smoothly and be financially successful.                                                                                                                                                                            

I hope this helps make your next event drama free and profitable!
The Top Ten Things To Be Aware Of When Planning An Event Or Fundraiser