About Will LeBlanc
Will LeBlanc, a native of Donaldsonville, Louisiana, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, moved to Houston 25 years ago as a
musician. After writing and recording several albums and shooting a country music video, he slowly migrated towards video
production. “I originally played music for a living and did video production as a hobby. I soon found my self with more production
work than music” LeBlanc says. While the client list for CASABLANCA Productions is diverse, LeBlanc tends to gravitate towards
projects that work for the betterment of others. “I have done work for Exxon, Technip (a French engineering company), Saks and
many others, but my best work happens when I am helping people who are helping people” explained LeBlanc. “All nonprofit
organizations today have to watch their money very closely and no one hires me just because I am a nice guy. I work with my clients
to try to tell their story in the most compelling way and convince their audience that they should support them. The bottom line is that
my videos help them raise money” he adds.

The City of Donaldsonville hired Will to produce a video for their bicentennial celebration in 2008. With the help of several local
historians and 32 interviews of long time residents, one as old as 92, LeBlanc was able to step back and see history through their
eyes. He coaxed out the stories of their great-grandparents, some of whom were slaves and worked in the sugarcane fields, the
arrival of the Italian immigrants who couldn’t buy land in certain parts of town, and tales of what it was like when the main street was
dirt and the wagons had to weave back and forth so as not to make deep ruts. “The town I was raised in had a remarkable history that I
didn’t know about until I started this project. During the Civil War, it was the capital of Louisiana for two years” LeBlanc says. “Jean
Lafitte used Bayou Lafourche, which runs through the middle of Donaldsonville, as an escape route to the Gulf of Mexico for years.
Who knew?”

LeBlanc is currently working on a national educational documentary and continues to help nonprofits raise awareness and financial
support. You can see samples of his work at the Casablanca Productions website: www.casablanca-productions.com
"Notable Quotes"
When asked about the importance of a video at a fund raising event, socialite and philanthropist Becca Cason Thrash said "People
support people. Even if someone goes to an event with no knowledge of the organization or cause, what a good video does is
converts passive participants into advocates. That is the strength of Will LeBlanc's videos. In 7 to 9 minutes, he creatively tells you
the story of the organization and makes you care enough to want to help."

"Will LeBlanc has filmed major fundraising events for the Southwest region of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF during the last four years.  
He consistently brings a high level of creativity and professionalism to his work in planning, managing, editing, and producing.  
Through this, we have developed a series of DVDs that enhance our marketing and PR efforts and document some of our
organizational history in the Houston area.  Will goes above and beyond in helping his clients achieve the results they need." Robert
Thompson, Senior VP of Development, United States Fund for UNICEF.

Shelby Hodge, society columnist for the Houston Chronicle, said “I go to three or four events a week and have seen hundreds of
tribute videos, but I have never seen one get a standing ovation like The Boys and Girls Harbor video did. Will did a great job.”

"Will LeBlanc is an artist in the true sense of the word, in that he has the extraordinary talent to capture the essence of special
events or the mission of an organization through video productions.  As the founding executive director of UNICEF, I have had the
privilege of experiencing the extraordinary professionalism and creativity of Will LeBlanc on many major projects.  I especially
applaud Will's excellence in video productions with his work on the UNICEF Tsunami Emergency Gala, and his outstanding creation
of the "Remembering Audrey Hepburn" Gala video.  Will is the best in his profession because he is passionate about what he does,
and genuinely cares about the organizations he works with."  John M. Tsacrios, Jr.

"Will’s demeanor is a comforting, non-judgemental one and people tend to open up and give sincere and sometimes emotional
answers when speaking with him during an interview.  I don’t know what he says to the people he interviews to get them to tell their
stories the way they do, but it is amazing." commented Lenny Matazewski, a national fashion show producer.

Fran Callahan, Director of the Lamar High School Alumni Association put it this way, “We have been working with Will for nine years
now. He has done every video for us and we have raised almost 3 million dollars for a public high school. This is unprecedented, and
it wouldn’t have happened without the magic he brings to the videos. At our luncheons, everyone visits until it is time for the video,
at which time you can hear a pin drop.”